Welcome to my blog. I hope you find my discoveries helpful in your homemaking, and I hope you’ll share your discoveries with me.

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Hi, I’m K. The short story is I’m a homemaker and I’d like to share my discoveries with you. For those who want the long story, keep reading. 

I became a full-time homemaker in October 2015.  I had tried working full-time. I had tried working part-time. I had tried shorter workdays. I tried shorter work weeks. I just could not find the perfect balance between home and work. 

My husband and I want a full life for our family. We want home cooked meals. We want family ski trips. We want camping road trips. We want to be involved with our community through Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. We want fun and engaging work. I thought I should be able to do all of this and have the spotless, perfectly decorated house. 

We were exhausted. Our house was a mess. We needed a housekeeper, a landscaper, a laundry service, a painter, a contractor and my son hated daycare.

We decided to save ourselves the time and stress.  We let go of my income. I started this blog to share what I’m learning along the way. 

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