The Basic Weekly Plan

Have you heard of the Basic Weekly Plan (BWP)?  I learned about it back in my working days, when I was trying to keep my house clean and work 35 hours a week. I learned about the Basic Weekly Plan from flylady. You can see her BWP here:

The Jobs

The BWP is a way to group like tasks onto one day.  There are 3 major categories for housework:

  • Errands
  • Paperwork 
  • Cleaning

The idea is that if you combine all your errands into one day, you can save time and money. If I go to the post office, the library, and the grocery store are all in one day it is a total of 30 minutes driving time. If I go to each one on a different day, that’s an hour and a half of driving time. This saves money because I’m using less gas. 

The second part of the idea is batch processing.  By doing all my cleaning or all my paperwork at once, I can focus on that type of job and do it efficiently. I’m not shifting gears or getting interrupted. 

The third part is peace of mind. If I get a bill in the mail, I can just stick it in my paperwork pile and I know it will get done on the next paperwork day. I can’t or don’t want to deal with it immediately, it won’t be forgotten. This is great for the procrastinator in me. 

The Fun Part

Since I am so efficient, there’s room for fun!  You can add a date night, a family day, a day just for you. 

My Basic Weekly Plan

Sunday: Meal Plan and coupon

Monday: Shopping Day

Tuesday: Girl Scouts 

Wednesday: Knitting Circle and School Volunteering

Thursday: Cleaning and Ironing

Friday: Date Day and Project Day

Saturday: Family Day

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