How I Discovered Journaling… Again

My latest discovery is journaling.

This is actually a rediscovery for me.  I started my first journal when I was about 9 years old.  Initially I used  cheap diaries from the 5 and 10.  You know, the ones with a page per day.

I continued through college with inexpensive notebooks.

When I got a “real job”, I bought a few leather journals and several specialized journals.

Shortly after I got married, I stopped writing in my journals.  I document our family life in Apple phonebooks, but it’s not the same.  I have not written my impressions of married life.  I have not captured my memories of my children as babies.  I did not write through my struggles with my miscarriage, or the death of my best friend.  I will not be able to look back at my thoughts and feelings later in life.  And I have not had the peace, reflection, and self discovery that journaling brings.  I’m really bummed that I don’t have any journals from the last decade.

I can either be bummed and miss out on another decade of insights and memories, or  I can start a journalling practice.  Here’s what my journal practice looks like:

  • Morning Pages.  I hope to develop a habit of writing 3 pages while I drink my coffee in the morning.  I am using an inexpensive notebook in A5 or composition size for this.
  • Bullet Journal.  I’m using Ryder’s original minimalist style to write lists in a small pocket notebook.  I am using this to log events and perhaps a one sentence reflection or memory from my day.
  • Clutter catcher.  I’ve seen several people use this approach for travel journals or art journals.  I capture all my receipts, coupons, pamphlets in my bullet journal.  I washi tape them to a page.  If I’m feeling ambitious I can write a sentence or two about my experiences.  Bigger things like kids artwork will go into my A5/composition notebook.
  • Blog.  Yup.  My blog is a form of journal.  I’m capturing all my thoughts and sharing them with you all.
  • Phonebooks.  I’m still documenting my family life with phonebooks.  I give them to my parents and my in-laws for christmas each year, as a gift from the children.  I include an intro page that hits the highlights of important events throughout the year.  The past couple years, I have even been including a page with cute things the kids have said.
  • Prompts.  I’m including some writing exercises from a book I’m reading.  I’m considering including a page for doodling prompts and handwriting prompts.

Do you journal?  What kind of book do you use for your journal?  What do your journal entries look like?


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