How I Got Back into Reading

I used to read.  I would never call myself a booklover, but I used to read for fun.  I read one book at a time, because that is what you are supposed to do.   And that is what killed my reading.

At the time, I was reading a classic.  I didn’t like it.  I was hardly ever in the mood to read it.  I didn’t allow myself to read anything else at the same time.  So I just stopped reading.

Fast forward, it’s been 2 decades.  And sure, I’ve read books here and there, but I don’t read every day.  It’s hard to find books that draw me in.  It’s hard to find time to read with all my commitments.

But now, I’m finally getting back into it.  And how am I doing it?  Booktube and Book Hauls.

I just recently discovered Booktube.  I am so far behind.  But apparently, there are these people who read books and talk about them on Youtube.  They read a TON of books.  I could never read that many books.  And they talk about them.  And they love them all.  And now I want to read them, ALL.

So, while I’m watching Youtube, I look up my library’s online catalog and request all the books I see.  And then the library calls me to come pick up the pile o’books I requested.  And while I am there, I wander around and pick up 3 more, because the cover looks cool.

But here’s where the magic happens.  When I get home, I read a chapter from each book.  They all seem ok so far.  The next day, I read another chapter from each.  And boom.  I’m sucked into one of them.  I’ve read 70 pages.

After reading a chapter, I’ve determined that each book is worth continuing.  One has risen to the top.  I will probably focus on that one.  I’ll continue to read 30 pages a day.  Theres another one that is due back at the library in a week.  So, I will read 10 pages a day in that.  There’s one that is based on a tv show I watched, so I’ll skim it.  The rest will probably fall to the bottom.  I’ll keep renewing them, but I probably won’t finish them before I return them.

I’ll keep note of how I feel about the books.  Next trip to the library, I’ll haul another pile.  I’ll keep going back, taking ones I’ve gotten before.  Taking new ones.  Allowing one to rise to the top.  Hopefully, I will have a list of at least 12 finished books at the end of the year.  Even if I have 40 unfinished books, I will have finished more books than last year.  And even if I only skim some books, I’ll get the gist.  When it comes to nonfiction, I hope that If I get the gist of 20 different books, with 20 different author’s viewpoints, I will get more out of it than just reading one book from one author cover to cover.

What about you?  How do you read?  One book at a time?  Multiple books at once?  Are they all for fun?  Different formats?  Different genres?


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