How I plan Meals for the week

I only discovered the joy of meal planning after I quit my day job. When I was working, I had trouble sticking to a meal plan. I never knew how tired I would be when I got home. I never knew what I’d be in the mood to eat. Now that I am home, I have a basic Weekly Plan, which helps me which days are busy. Using my Basic Weekly Plan, I created a meal plan theme. 

  • Monday – Weekly Cleaning Day – Roast
  • Tuesday – Paperwork Day – Soup
  • Wednesday – Free Day – Casserole 
  • Thursday – Project Day – Freezer Meal
  • Friday – Errand Day – Fish
  • Saturday – Family Day – Delivery 
  • Sunday – Rest Day – Leftovers 

Let me go over the pieces for you.


I like to cook a roast at the beginning of the week, to make the rest of the week easier. On Weekly cleaning day, I should be doing 4 hours of cleaning.  I can set up a beef roast in the crockpot in the morning, and it will be done by dinner time. Chicken is easy enough for me to setup in the late afternoon and then I just pop it in the oven for an hour or so. This coming week, I’m going to have my husband fry a turkey. He can set it up when he gets home from work, and in an hour, it is ready to eat. 


I use my leftover meat from the roast to make soup. If there’s any vegetables leftover, I add these too. Soup could be ready in as little as half an hour. 


If I cook a big enough roast, I have enough leftover meat for a casserole. If not, I use canned meat.  If I need rice, I cook it in the rice cooker. This is very easy for my free day, when I am not in the mood to cook. 

Freezer Meal

When I have leftover soup, I freeze it. If I am making chili or spaghetti sauce, I double it and freeze the extra. Once in a while, I do a freezer cooking binge. I keep chicken nuggets in the freezer. This is great after I am physically or mentally exhausted from working on a project all day. 


I try to have fish on Friday, to remind myself to eat it. I think it is healthy. It is also fairly easy to throw some fish in to broil, and steam some broccoli in the microwave. It’s quick when I don’t have energy after running errands all day. 


We have friends over once a week.  It is usually on Saturday. There are 13 of us, including some picky kids, so we order delivery.  


There’s usually enough leftovers from delivery, so that I don’t have to cook on Sunday. 

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