Guilt and Hours Worked

We are nearing the end of winter.  This is the time of year when I notice that I am sitting on the couch for 2 hours a day feeding the fire and knitting.

I have a split shift.  I get the kids up and and out the door.  I get the daily chores done, and then I have a dead-time, before the kids get home at 3.  During this dead-time, I find myself feeling guilty.

Should I feel guilty?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Maybe I am actually getting 8 hours of work a day, just split differently.  Maybe I am only getting 4 hours a day, but I got 12 hours a day back in July.  Maybe I am just lazy and I’m spending all my time on the couch.  The only way to know is to track it and find out.  Only then will I have the faith that the busy times will come again.  And even if they don’t, I still deserve this rest from the past busy times that I have a record of.

The only way to know if I am doing my required tasks is to track them.  The only way to know if I have put in enough hours, is to track it.  So I started tracking my minimum required daily tasks, and my hours worked.  Now, I can go back and look at what I have and have not done, instead of “feeling” guilty.  I often think I have done more or less than I actually have.  Now, I will know if I am doing enough every day.  I will know if I have earned some rest.



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